Modern, casual and full of evolving talent, Jennifer Little, HEYDAY proprietor, has a strong eye for design, which plays an impactful role in her style. She is always looking at the full scope of design elements when putting together a perfectly curated lifestyle. She has the uncanny ability to pull out every client’s beauty and style. Jennifer’s fun-loving, playful approach makes clients welcome and at home. She utilizes color, texture and pattern in a fresh, soft, clean way. 


Raised in Georgia, Jennifer has an appreciation for country life and city living. Born on the coast in Darien, she played outside on the rope swing and hunted for snails in the Georgia marshes. A few years later she moved to Athens and then in 1987 she moved to Peachtree City to begin various entrepreneurial endeavors in the neighborhood. Months later, Ryan Little moved into the same cul-de-sac and elementary school love was alive. Choosing Furnishings and Interiors at the University of Georgia was a natural fit for Jen’s love of photography and design. Jennifer and her husband Ryan, made stops in Starkville, Mississippi and Tallahassee, Florida where their children Luke and Emory were born. Now calling Fort Collins home, Jennifer spent her first four years locally growing her photography business, which began in Florida, before opening HEYDAY in August 2015. In November 2016, Jennifer launched KNAPSACK, a home & supply store that provides curated goods for everyday living.  With the addition of this sister store to HEYDAY, Jennifer’s talents and dreams for combining interior design, fashion, and photography have become a reality.


The mission of HEYDAY is to provide beautiful, classic attire and furnishings for the simple-living lifestyle. HEYDAY is a fresh, clean, playful retail shop epitomizing the simple-living lifestyle. The shop juxtaposes simplicity with luxury, old with new, large with small and fun with serious. By blending variously scaled items and contrasting textures the environment and experience will feel intimate and welcoming. A beautiful lifestyle is within reach and can be complemented by blending well-worn pieces with simple and classic HEYDAY elements.