Nourish [immersive + artful journey]

$ 200

Friday, May 19 / 5:30-9:30pm

[ 8 total spots available ]  / 5 remaining 

NOURISH is a community circle designed to nourish your spirit and remind you of how deeply you are seen, held and loved.

In this 4-hour immersion, you will receive a mindfulness practice, a visioning exercise, a 3-card intuitive reading focused on aligning your root>heart>crown, and a guided painting experience for you to paint into your own feelings and self. To top it all off, Jennifer Little will craft an original painting for each participant, your very own masterpiece serving as a visual interpretation and touchstone for your intuitive reading.

Additionally, special, treasured moments throughout the Nourish Experience may be captured with utmost respect for the intimacy of this experience through Jennifer Little's photography. If you do not want your photos shared, please let us know. Otherwise, you will find that photography helps you see yourself through the eyes of love, and will be offered to you as part of your experience. 


Supported Price / for attendees who may greatly benefit from Nourish at the Supported Price

Base Price / standard value for the Nourish Experience 

Scholarship Price / attendees who are able to contribute additionally to support those who may otherwise not be able to attend

If you feel called to this work, but the supported price is not accessible, please reach out via email at

Price scale inspired from Reverend angel Kyodo Williams

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