Zhoosh Up Your Space

It's been a little over a year of quarantine, and we have all become intimately aware of our home's pros and cons. We can't just Dream Home Makeover our space every time we get the itch, so we're taking a queue from JVN and finding little ways to zhoosh (ZHo͝oSH) up our spaces.

Start in the Kitchen

Find a new gadget or towel, anything that will add a little something extra to make the space feel fresh. A butter dish can add some class and aesthetic to your space and also insure that your butter is smooth and spreadable at a moments notice. No more waiting for rock hard butter to get to room temperature. 


Tired of your salt situation? Never thought of your salt situation? Either way, try a new container! This allows you to quickly see if you need to add salt to the grocery list and it looks adorable on a countertop.


Move to Whichever Space You Host In

There will be a day when we don't think twice about getting the gang together for drinks and games, or dinner, or whatever it is you're calling people to come over and do. When that time comes, you want to be ready! This beautiful glass cocktail carafe allows your guests to marvel at the beautiful cocktail you made and lets you know when it's time to refill!


You could throw some cheese and crackers on this BEAUTIFUL acacia wood cutting board and voila it's a charcuterie! It's a lovely cutting board and a serving platter, and who doesn't love a multipurpose object? 


However you add to your space do a little something for you and remind yourself that good times are coming! 

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Hillary & the HEYDAY team