One of the things that many of the brands sold at HEYDAY have in common is that they combine fashionable and effortless all at once. With the sole purpose of providing style and comfort, these brands are sure to be the next essentials in your wardrobe regardless of where your personal fashion sense stems from. Gentle Fawn Clothing is absolutely no exception.

Founded in 2003, Daniel and Carla Hogg wanted to launch a clothing line based off a rare collection of antique ceramic fawns they found while they were thrifting one sunny day. When they did, what resulted and has come to fruition was far beyond their wildest imagination. This brand brings together some of the most treasured aspects of female fashion in a simplistic way that makes for a relaxed and feminine feel all at once.

Made with high-quality fabrics and the very best construction, every collection that comes out of the Gentle Fawn store, is sure to last and provide you with the ultimate style, comfort, and charm.

Inspired by both natural environments and urban epicenters, this brand strives to bring a range of style options. There is also a fair amount of vintage influence that sets Gentle Fawn apart from the rest. From kimonos to cardigans, great for every day at the office to enticing slinky dresses perfect for hitting the town, there is nothing you are seeking that you cannot find is a part of the Gentle Fawn brand. These looks are the perfect answer for a woman who wants to wear the perfect combination of laid back and business casual. Not to mention, every single article sold by Gentle Fawn is perfect for layering with others.

Over time, Gentle Fawn has been known to create not only high-quality apparel but also an unmatched customer experience. This brand believes in the importance of inspiring creativity, inspiration, and accountability. These small details end up making the biggest difference when you consider what is being offered by competitors. As a trusted brand that brings unique and beautiful styles to our boutique, we are happy to be able to offer such phenomenal styles at HEYDAY.

Want to add Gentle Fawn pieces to your wardrobe? It’s time to start shopping our online collection at HEYDAY boutique. We offer you styles that you may not be able to find anywhere else. So why wait?

If you would like to learn more about Gentle Fawn, you can visit their website here!