There is something to be said about good quality, hand-stitched denim. At HEYDAY, we love being able to bring the very best jeans to our customers and Just Black Denim is just that. Based out of Los Angeles, Just Black is dedicated to supplying the very best quality and to being a company that supports its local craftsmen and craftswomen. When you shop our collection, you can be sure that you are getting jeans that will look great and last you the way denim is supposed to.

Let’s talk a bit more about why this denim makes the top of our list.

Great Denim At A Reasonable Price

Many times, buying handmade denim means that you are going to have to pay hundreds of dollars for a single pair. While this is often a good investment, spending that much money on one article of clothing can often be difficult. This is one of the best things about Just Black Denim. The quality is there. The style is there. But the price is still reasonable. You can get a pair of finely crafted Just Black Denim for the same price as you would a pair of jeans at a chain retailer. Which brings us to our next reason for loving this brand.

Supporting Local Business People

When you buy Just Black Denim at HEYDAY, not only are supporting our local business, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, but you are also supporting the local craftsman and women in Los Angeles who work diligently to produce these amazing additions to your wardrobe. These jeans are made and distributed in the United States, helping to grow local economies.

These Jeans Are Offered In A Variety of Styles

You will not believe the myriad of styles that Just Black Denim offers. There is truly a look for every single woman, regardless of her personal fashion preferences. Just Black speaks to a mission of providing women with jeans that make them feel confident, comfortable, and flawless in their own skin. Whether you prefer dark wash, faded, black, blue, grey, skinny, fringed or frayed, Just Black Denim has you covered.

Just Black Denim Supports Strong Creative Women

There are few things we support more than the idea of women being allies to one another and Just Black Denim feels the same way. Not only do they find the women in their jeans inspiring, but they also do what they can to collaborate with as many ambitious creative women as they possibly can. You too can be part of their mission by supporting their brand and ours!

They Are Truly One Of A Kind

Every single pair of jeans made by Just Black Denim is one of a kind. Don’t waste any more of your money simply blending in with the crowd. These jeans are unique and outstanding just like you. When you want to make the most of your wardrobe, you cannot do so without a statement piece like these in your closet. Start shopping Just Black Denim at HEYDAY right now!


With both light wash and classic white, these are the jeans you’re going to reach for time and time again. Plus hey, with this collection, you don’t have to settle for simple standard bootcut jeans. This collection also carries cropped designs, raw hem shorts, and cool retro-inspired flares. In addition, we’re loving how easy-to-style all of these designs are. Whether you want to wear them with a crop top, a printed blouse, or your favorite graphic tee, you can’t go wrong with more denim in your wardrobe, especially when you consider how much value Just Black Denim places on their quality and fit. They even ensure that all of their pieces are handmade in the U.S.., which isn’t something that we see as often in the era of fast fashion. And so, if you value quality denim in your wardrobe, we highly recommend getting some Just Black Denim into your life ASAP. You can thank us later.