Ask anyone to name a brand of jeans and chances are they will immediately respond with “Levi’s”. Since 1873, Levi’s have made a name for themselves in the denim industry and once the ball got rolling, it seemed nothing could stop them. Over time, these jeans slowly became a uniform to signify progress. Miners, rebels, cowboys, and rockstars alike clung to this piece of clothing as they transformed the world. Levi denim is the every man’s (and woman’s) article of clothing.

Today, Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the largest apparel companies in the entire world. Part of the reason Levi has transformed into such a powerhouse in apparel has a lot to do with their overall values. Levi Strauss is open and honest about the things they believe in. Empathy and discovering how to put themselves in other's shoes allows for them to make the jeans that go perfectly with said footwear. This company also has the utmost integrity. This is why their jeans are made honestly and with high-quality materials. Levi’s believe a good pair of jeans should last you and there is no doubt that this denim absolutely will.

With a variety of denim types, fits, washes, and silhouettes, Levi Strauss & Co. has something for everyone. When you shop the Levi collection at HEYDAY, you will find our personal favorite jeans for women by this amazing brand. Whether it be pants or even jean skirts, no person should have a wardrobe that doesn’t include a pair of Levi’s jeans. These are the kind of jeans that don't go out of style. Whatever your look maybe, we have something that will fit your style. 

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