Every woman has her own unique sense of style. Whether her inspiration is drawn from other women she looks up to, fabrics she finds enticing, or a personality all her own, there is something special about the way ladies can distinguish themselves from one another. When it comes it Ragdoll LA, this is one of the most important aspects of their clothing brand. Embracing a style that prevents duplication and inspires comfort and confidence are what Ragdoll LA is all about.

In the words of founder Lisa Larson,  “I like to dress classy with a touch of sexy, vintage, and rock ’n’ roll.” This is precisely the style that comes with Ragdoll’s elevated articles as well.

Based out of Los Angeles, and launched by a fashion-buyer turned role model, Ragdoll’s founder knew she wanted to offer women everywhere with the opportunity to fill their closets with vintage-style staples that were more easily obtained than they would be if she were visiting a secondhand store. There’s something comforting about these pieces of clothing as they are staples, sure to never go out of style. This makes them the perfect addition to any wardrobe as you will never have to worry about them being unfashionable. Not to mention there is the added bonus of these t-shirt, sweatshirts, slips and more being undeniably comfortable. Who doesn’t love that?

By combining a look that speaks to LA’s laidback lifestyle and a bit of chic influence from Europe, Ragdoll LA was able to turn this dream into a stunning reality. Not only is Ragdoll loved across Los Angeles but across the world. With celebrity role models like Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth, and Cara Delevingne, rocking Ragdoll looks on the runway and on casual everyday outings, it’s not to be disputed that this brand is one that is not going anywhere. And now you can get your very own Ragdoll LA looks when you shop at HEYDAY boutique.

If your go-to look strives to be effortlessly stylish with just a touch a sexy, then we can assist you at HEYDAY when you shop our collection today. We know that your clothing is more than just something you wear, it’s part of who you are. Offering the perfect threadbare t-shirts and an attitude unlike any other brand, that broken-in look has never been easier to obtain than with the styles offered by Ragdoll. Take your fashion to the next level with this brand HEYDAY is proud to offer.

Our favorite Perfume Oil made with natural ingredients. Handmade in Los Angeles with love.

All our scents are based on familiar locations to our designer Lisa Larson. Scent No 8400 main notes are made out of sandalwood, amber and musk. A unisex scent with a warm wood and sweet undertone.

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