Who says sports apparel can’t be functional and fashionable? When you shop RVCA, you get the best of both worlds. This lifestyle brand is all about self-expression, adventure, and staple items of clothing. Developed and curated by the company’s founder and president, PM Tenore, RVCA has transcended the typical sportswear cliches and developed into something entirely unique and fresh. The brand has since developed into a group of like-minded, artistic individuals utilizing their talents with one common goal since its inception. This collaboration has managed to form a new community as well as a clothing brand that is well-known far beyond the shores of California.

The intention that was set forth by the founder has been to create a platform for artists of many different mediums from the beginning. Whether it be music, visual art, fashion, or a simple modern lifestyle, all of these aspects are reflected in the brand as a whole. This has become part of the clothing they create in multiple ways.

From relaxed-fit jeans to flowing sundresses, RVCA has made it possible to be stylish and adventurous all at once.  These looks also transcend the seasons, making your personal sense of style simpler and more coveted than it has ever been before.

We also can’t ignore one of our favorite aspects of the RVCA brand is their mission to let artists drive the brand.  Their Artist Network Program is an ongoing project that works to showcase local talent and use their works to enhance the overall message of the brand. With such amazing styles and their unending mission to encourage and liberate creativity, what more could we want in a brand we offer at our store? HEYDAY is beyond proud to have this amazing brand in our boutique. If you’re ready to add this amazing brand to your wardrobe, stop by HEYDAY or shop our online collection right now!


About RVCA: 

The RVCA name (pronounced: rew-ka) was developed first and foremost out of the "V" and "A" = which symbolizes the balance of opposites and how they coexist: nature X industrialization, woman x men, past X present.. Future. Today. Tomorrow.Tomorrow. Life.