Charcoal Terrazzo mini gem bar soap

$ 7
Terrazzo inspired Our newest addition to the mini gem collection. Each one is hand cut and different, just like you. Made with all plant based oils and butters that are ethically and sustainably harvested. Always Palm-Free. Our formula gives you a soothing, rich lather while gently cleansing the skin. All our products are made with natural botanicals, mineral rich clays, and the highest grade essential oils for truly natural luxury. WEIGHT: 1.50 ounce SCENT: Golden: Vetiver, bergamot White/Natural: Mostly unscented (The embeds are from previously scented soaps, but it does not come through in the finished product) Indigo: Lemongrass and lavender Pink: Black spruce, grapefruit Charcoal: Sage and geranium

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