The Snuggle is Real

A new Jellycat shipment is here at HEYDAY and we are so excited. These adorable, and incredibly soft, stuffed animals are the perfect gift for your little one, a friend who's expecting, or just for you... they're that cute. 

So, let's take a second to introduce you to some of our latest Jellycat arrivals. 

Meet Finley Bear he is the quintessential bear. A classic! He is so soft and sits up well on his own. He loves adventuring in the forest with his friends and cuddling up for a good hibernation nap.

This is Bashful Hedgehog. Don't let the shy demeanor fool you, this little guy is so much fun. He has the softest quills you will ever come into contact with. He is more of a shoulder bag than a backpack guy, but he is ready to go wherever life takes him.  

The best Espresso Cup you've ever had. If you're sharing a cup with friends or just enjoying one by yourself this little one is ready to keep you company. You will be starting your day on the right foot with the cutest corduroy feet as long as this guy is in your home.

Be sure to check out all our Jellycat stuffed animals in store or online!

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Hillary & the HEYDAY team