Valentine's HEYDAY happys

Looking the the perfect gift for that special someone? (That special someone might be yourself, and we couldn't be more here for that!) Look no further! Our HEYDAY happys are the perfect thing to make someone smile. Every one of our happys is curated with the recipient in mind, and we work to make sure that it's the perfect gift for you or your loved one. 

Who are you shopping for? 

A Little One (or one little at heart) 

Check out our HEYDAY Happy Junior. They are packed with candy and small toys that will bring some nonstop fun! The HEYDAY happy junior starts are $20, but we can always customize it to suite a higher amount. Just let us know a little about who we're building for, and we will take care of the rest!

For her:

For him:

My Special Valentine/Galentine

We have a specially curated Valentines specific HEYDAY happy! These fun happys come with all things hearts, pink, and red. Starting at $30, $50, $100+, we've got something for every budget. 

For Me! 

The classic HEYDAY happy is perfect for you! You're amazing, you know it and we know it. Let us know what you like, favorite color, hobbies, etc, and we will curate a fun surprise just for you! 



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Hillary & the HEYDAY team