Channeling beach chic that perfectly clashes with a sexy rock and roll aesthetic, Amuse Society looks can be worn at parties, on the beach, or anywhere else you see fit. Launched by Mandy Fry in 2014, this revolutionary clothing line is inspired by a number of things. From travel to music to art, and all things beach, inspiration of all sorts results in these articles of clothing that are both bold and rebellious.

This ‘perfect for the beach’ attire is more than just something you throw on over your swimsuit, however. Clothing by Amuse Society is meant to inspire confidence and creative expression. The physical Amuse Society is made up of women who exemplify these qualities. The vision that is shared by these inspiring women and their crafts is to raise one another up and personify the best parts of themselves in the styles they wear. Just like you.

If you want a style that comes with that free feeling of being out on the open waves or relaxing on a sandy beach, Amuse is precisely the brand you are looking for. We carry everything from shorts, pants, dresses, skirts, and casual tops in our online HEYDAY store. Check out the styles we have in stock right now.